2 adults

Rooms 1



Beds & rooms

  • check_circlebed / s 5
  • check_circleholiday apartment/s 1


  • check_circlecrib/baby bed
  • check_circlehighchair

Distance rules

  • check_circleDistance rules are kept

Energy efficiency

  • check_circleApplication of solar energy, photovoltaics, wind energy, geothermal energy, heat
  • check_circleAll windows are double glazed

Facilities / Services

  • check_circlesatellite TV
  • check_circleparking
  • check_circlebicycle parking space
  • check_circlepets not allowed
  • check_circlegarden furniture
  • check_circlecar parking lot
  • check_circleboot dryer
  • check_circlenon-smoking house
  • check_circlefamily friendly
  • check_circlebread/rolls service
  • check_circleski storeroom
  • check_circlewifi

Foreign languages

  • check_circleEnglish
  • check_circleGerman


  • check_circlegroups possible with max. pers. 5

Hygiene and disinfection

  • check_circleGuests may ask for no room cleaning during their stay
  • check_circleUsage of cleansers that are effective against Corona Virus
  • check_circleRooms are cleaned most thoroughly after every guest departure, in particular often touched items
  • check_circleRegular ventilation of commonly accessible areas
  • check_circleLaundry is washed at highest temperature that is allowed by producer
  • check_circleBedlinen, towels and laundry are washed according to rules of local authorities
  • check_circleRoom cleaning includes ventilation, change of cleaning tissues and disinfection of gloves after ever
  • check_circleAccommodation is disinfected between every guest stay
  • check_circleDisinfection of often touched items and surfaces


  • check_circlecentral location
  • check_circleon the hiking trail
  • check_circleright on the bike path
  • check_circleright at the cross-country ski trail
  • check_circlequiet location


  • check_circleno board


  • check_circleParking for bicycles

Payment methods

  • check_circleadvance payment
  • check_circlecash payment
  • check_circlebank transfer

Security measures

  • check_circleDisinfectant for hands in accommodation and common rooms


  • check_circleEmployees wear surgical masks


  • check_circlebusiness travelers
  • check_circleseniors
  • check_circlenon-smokers
  • check_circlefamilies
  • check_circlegroups

Waste separation & waste avoidance

  • check_circleWaste separation / recycling containers

Water economy

  • check_circleApplication of water-saving showers, sinks (intelligent showers, shower head wit

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